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Desktop Wallpaper - Outstanding selection of PC, XP, Windows Computer Wallpaper and beautiful pictures for American Flag, Patriotic, Cool, Nature, Beach, Scenery, Cute, Flower, Sunset, Animals, Awesome, Fall, Places, Pretty & many other categories. Free wallpaper download.

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American Flag
American Flag flutters in brisk breeze under blue skies striped with enchanting white clouds
Bighorn sheep cutely poised on ledge of Grand Canyon, Arizona
Awesome dazzling sun under bright blue skies dotted with white clouds
Caribbean white sand beaches washed by clear water waves under blue skies dotted with clouds
A mallard swims in solitude surrounded by simmering waters
Speedboat jets away in beautiful Lake Tahoe waters
Clouds float under blue skies while the sun shines brightly above
Canadian goose takes to the air from lake waters
Squirrel stands by it's rocky abode welcoming visitors to Yosemite Valley, California
Perfect pear tree set ablaze by setting rays of the sun in autumn
Bright red tulip flower shows off it's colors in early spring
Mesmerizing ripples hover over stone immersed in azure waters of Lake Tahoe
From the top of Mt Rushmore, four great American Presidents statues gaze over Black Hills, South Dakota
The heart of modern Beijing, China, beckons tourists from around the globe
Four pretty pink tulips paired in couples converse in harmony
Misty blue waters of Lake Tahoe blend with the distant hills and sky to produce enchanting scenery
The Seattle Space Needle rises gracefully above the city skyline
Spectacular Sunset on the Pacific Ocean, Canon Beach, Oregon
Powerful forces at work at Horse Shoe Falls, Niagara Falls
The world frozen over by an acute winter blizzard
Flower Patterns
Flower background
Fine Patterns
Fine flower background
Moon Patterns
Moon halos background
Cute Backgrounds
Cute squirrel stands by its abode in Yosemite Valley, California

Desktop Wallpaper-Free Computer Wallpaper, Beautiful Pictures for Windows, PC, XP. Download American Flag, Patriotic, Cool, Nature, Beach, Scenery, Flowers, Sunset, Cute.

Go to: American Flag Wallpaper - American Flag Desktop Wallpaper

Download adorably beautiful American Flag Computer Wallpaper. Pick your favorite free American flag wallpaper from a spectacular selection. View delightful waving American flag wallpaper pictures.

From here jump to: Patriotic Wallpaper

Extraordinarily lovely Patriotic wallpaper for American Flag, Mt. Rushmore, Washington, Lincoln, Vietnam and Pony Express Memorials. Free patriotic wallpaper, patriotic computer wallpaper and patriotic desktop wallpaper. Free wallpaper download.

Proceed to: Cool Wallpapers - Cool Pictures

Cool Desktop Wallpapers for Computers-Choose from an exquisitely beautiful selection of the finest Cool wallpaper images and eye pleasing pictures. Also view information on Cool Websites for gadgets, inventions, gifts, quotes, and tips.

Click here for: Cute Backgrounds, Cute Animals, Cute Desktop Backgrounds

Cute Backgrounds-Adorable Selection of the finest Cute Desktop Backgrounds and charming pictures. Delightful dainty poses of lovable animals, flowers, birds.

Desktop Wallpaper

Click here to go to: American Flag Wallpaper

AMERICAN FLAG Desktop Wallpaper: Free Wallpaper Download; Desktop wallpapers for computers-splendid high resolution free desktop wallpaper. Here you will find clear crisp wallpapers of the OLD GLORY. Look at the STAR SPANGLED BANNER waving in the wind against wide open skies. Enjoy delightful wallpapers of the STARS & STRIPES unfurled in brisk breeze set against cotton clouds.

Download free desktop wallpaper and gaze at the American flag lit up at night and waving against a darkened sky. Marvel at a view of the American Flag with the moon shining in the background.

Pick your favorite AMERICAN FLAG computer wallpaper and US FLAG wallpapers from amongst numerous sizes, resolutions and venues. Get your favorite flag wallpaper free. Enjoy captivating shots of waving flags and take delight in the flag picture parade on display at Desktop-Bkg.com.

Free Desktop Wallpaper

This leads to: Patriotic Wallpaper

Patriotic Wallpaper-Free Wallpaper Download: Exquisitely beautiful free desktop wallpaper depicting the MT. RUSHMORE National Memorial. On display are clear crisp images of the 60 foot busts of 4 American presidents bathed in sunlight and set against bright blue South Dakota skies. View magnificent sculptures of the heads of George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Theodore Roosevelt and Abraham Lincoln. Enjoy Black Hills scenery and pick your favorite patriotic MT. RUSHMORE computer wallpaper from amongst numerous images and resolutions.

Download Free Patriotic wallpaper depicting the Pony Express Memorial Statue in Heritage Park, Salt Lake City Utah. This monument is a magnificent tribute to the Pony Express which provided a desperately needed communications link between Salt Lake City and the United States prior to the opening of the railroads in the wild west. Also included is a shot of the "This Is The Place Monument" in Heritage Park.

Free Wallpaper Download for Patriotic wallpaper depicting Vietnam Veterans Memorial, Lincoln Memorial and Washington Monument available at Desktop-Bkg.com.

Computer Wallpaper

This link is for: Cool Wallpapers

COOL Desktop Wallpapers for Computers: Free Wallpaper Download for COOL Wallpapers. Pick from COOL pictures of Lake Tahoe with it`s cool calm turquoise waters. These images are of spellbinding quality. View soothing ripples hovering over immersed stone, misty vistas amongst others. These views are breathtakingly bewitching.

On this webpage you will find marvelously enchanting COOL desktop wallpapers of snow covered trees and sun sinking below the horizon gracefully over tranquil waters. Pick your favorite COOL Wallpaper from amongst numerous vistas and resolutions.

On this page there is a stunning picture of a bighorn sheep standing on the edge of the Grand Canyon, Arizona, poised as if for portrait taking. Behold an unusual shot of the American flag waving at night with the full moon shining brightly in the sky. Witness a splendid close-up of spring blossom at it`s best. Gaze into incredibly beautiful computer wallpaper show casing a Caribbean beach as the pirates might have viewed it.

Free Backgrounds

For viewing: Cute Backgrounds-Cute Wallpaper

CUTE Free Backgrounds: Download CUTE computer wallpaper and free backgrounds wallpapers. Behold a squirrel stand by a rock in the Yosemite valley as if guarding the entrance to it`s castle.

Download CUTE computer wallpaper choosing from Views of bighorn mountain sheep cutely poised as if for portrait taking on the edge of the Grand Canyon. This picture perfect pose begs the question "Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the cutest of them all?".

Choose from backgrounds of a newly hatched duckling as it tests the waters and takes it`s first swim with drops of glistening water rolling off it`s fluffy coat of furry feathers. This baby chick is already making plenty of waves and leaving it`s rivals lost in the wake.

Down load an image of a cute cloud shaped like a shaggy dog jumping from above. Select from clouds shaped like a dancing bear whirling in the sky.

Free Wallpaper Download

Enjoy: Sunset Wallpaper-Sunset Scenery

SUNSET Wallpaper: Free to download desktops wallpaper with Sunset scenery. Pick your Free Wallpaper Download from a multitude of brilliantly colorful sunset shots including sunset on the Pacific ocean. Take in scenes of the wide open sky filled with all shades of bright colors. Admire sunset scenery and marvel at nature`s expert artistry.

Download SUNSET free desktop wallpaper making your selection from numerous images showing sunset on water and land venues. Satiate your eyes with the skies ablaze with color. Behold the sun perched in a cradle and resting before it slips down below the horizon. Prepare to be dazzled by it`s radiating brilliant rays as it sits poised on the tip of the horizon. And the moon looks on from above saying farewell for the night.

Amazing reflections of the sinking sun turn still waters into a pot of gold. Ducks swim in waters turned deep red by the reflections. Download computer wallpaper with the heavens set ablaze into shades of deep purple and other colors from crimson, orange and pink to red.

Desktop Wallpapers for Computers

Download: Beach Wallpaper-Beach Desktop Wallpaper

BEACH Wallpapers: Access this page for free download of BEACH wallpaper. Shown are gorgeous Pacific ocean beaches and Caribbean beaches.

Download Desktop Wallpapers for Computers depicting Cannon Beach, Oregon and Long Beach, Washington. Enjoy shots of Caribbean beaches with white sand and bright blue sky dotted with cotton candy clouds floating away overhead.

Windows XP Wallpaper

Splendid: Nature Wallpaper

NATURE Desktop Wallpaper: Here you will find free to download desktops wallpaper. Download Windows XP Wallpaper. Nature crafts enchanting vistas. Gaze at breathtaking shots of Lake Tahoe. Enchant yourself looking at ripples hovering on a sunken stone. Delight in the misty blue views where water and sky blend together.

Catch the essence of the great outdoors. Experience the magic of nature, majesty of mountains, serenity of peaceful meadows and grandeur of towering peaks. Be mesmerized by captivating scenic photos of gushing geysers, rushing rivers, roaring waterfalls, sparkling streams, spouting thermals, steaming hot springs, serene beaches, snow capped soaring peaks, volcanic craters and gorgeous canyons. Download computer wallpaper of wild places, animals, birds, their habitat and their grazing grounds.

Free Wallpaper

Enchanting: Pretty Wallpaper

PRETTY Backgrounds: Download PRETTY background layouts and free backgrounds wallpapers. On display is wallpaper depicting pretty flowers in shades of pretty pink.

Download perfect pictures of a peacock so real it seams to be stepping out of your screen. View pictures of pretty ducks floating gracefully. Adorn your computer screen with pretty free wallpaper in various sizes and choose from a wide verity of free desktop Wallpaper and desktop background.

Windows Wallpaper

Colorful: Flowers Backgrounds-Flower wallpaper

FLOWER Backgrounds: Download FLOWER Windows wallpaper and free desktop backgrounds. A selection of colorful flower free backgrounds wallpapers is available to choose from.

Choose from flowers in a multitude of strikingly beautiful colors including red, yellow, blue, purple, pink, white and many other colors including shades in between.

PC Wallpaper

Marvel at: Awesome Wallpaper

AWESOME Wallpaper: Download AWESOME free PC wallpaper. The images available include some stunningly beautiful scenery including those of the sun glowing gloriously in the heavens above and beams of light emanating in awesome patterns. Behold an awesome shot of the Half Dome Rock in Yosemite Valley, California.

Preview an autumn color scene with a perfect pear tree glowing golden red in the rays of the golden hour. Another depicts the heavens set ablaze with golden beams of sunlight radiating outwards in all different directions. See clouds lit up with the sun playing hide and seek among them.

Free to Download Desktops Wallpaper

Click here for: Scenery Wallpapers

SCENERY Wallpapers: Free to Download Desktops Wallpaper with SCENERY. See images of superb quality taken at the Grand Canyon, Lake Tahoe, Yosemite Valley, Crater Lake, Yellowstone National Park, Pacific coastal beaches and many other scenic locations.

The wild outdoor territories hold an awesome venue for the visitor. Nature`s vast canvas is filled with spellbindingly beautiful scenic pictures superbly painted in colors of all hues. And these are interwoven like an endless tapestry of beautifully stunning scenery resulting in the most exquisite mosaic on the grandest of scales. This kaleidoscope is captured into photos & pictures on this website.


This web page provides an outstanding selection of totally delightful Desktop Wallpaper, Free Desktop Wallpaper & Computer Wallpaper for American Flag, Patriotic, Cool, Cute, Nature, Pretty, Flowers, Awesome, Scenery & many other interesting categories. Desktop-Bkg.com is a user-friendly site featuring quick and easy downloads in various popular screen sizes and resolutions. Free Wallpaper Download from this site is as easy as one two three.

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